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Exploring HTTP


A brief exploration of HTTP and the tool HTTPie.

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How to upgrade your Postgres database tables


Looks at how to upgrade database tables in an older version to a newer version of Postgres.

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Emacs keyboard configuration on Mac


In this article I talk about configuring Emacs for use on Mac OS X. The configuration works with both Terminal Emacs and Cocoa Emacs(Desktop).

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Customizing your Bash shell prompt


In this article I look at customizing your Bash shell prompt.

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Intro to Ngrok


A quick intro to the wonders of Ngrok.

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Limits of Markdown


In which I discuss the limitations of Markdown when constructing websites and documentation systems.

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Spreadsheets everywhere


On the phenomenon of the spreadsheet that starts out innocently enough and then becomes an out-of-control beast.

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Python env issue on Ubuntu 16.04


Describes an issue where Python couldn't be found on Ubuntu.

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Don't forget to flush!


On solving a mysterious problem in a CGI web app.

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Don't forget the Unix tools


There are times when the best approach is not to reinvent the wheel but use the numerous command line tools available in Unix.

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Why I still use Emacs


A light-hearted story on why I still use Emacs.

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