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How to take out a contract on John Wick


I show you how to take out an open contract on John Wick with a bit of help from Nexmo and Python.

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Creating a video chat application with OpenTok


Creating video chat application with OpenTok.

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In this article I talk about a fun little project I whipped up in about an hour of pre-breakfast hack time. It's super easy, but could provide the basis for your own more ambitious projects.

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A gentle introduction to Nexmo


In this article I attempt to provide you with a gentle introduction to what Nexmo is, some of the things it can be used for, and provide some simple example code in Python.

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Radio telemetry with Nexmo and Python


This article looks at how to set up a cheap radio telemetry system using someting like a Raspberry Pi with an SMS module, Nexmo, and a little bit of Python on the back end.

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