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Simplified guide to running Vonage ADP locally

These are some very brief notes that will be useful to anyone who needs to run Vonage API Developer Portal locally.



Station Gem is now available in the public Gems repo, rubygems.org.

Install your bits

Install tools:

brew install postgres rbenv

and might as well start Postgres:

brew services start postgresql

Fix up your .env

cp .env.example .env

Open the file and comment out the Redis line as we're not using it locally (for testing docs).

Set Ruby version

rbenv 2.5.8
rbenv global 2.5.8

Install packages

gem install bundle
bundle install


You also need to have the submodules present locally:

git submodule init && git submodule update
git config --global submodule.recurse true

Run the Gem

Run the Gem with:

OAS_PATH="`pwd`/_open_api/api_specs/definitions" bundle exec nexmo-developer --docs=`pwd`

Then go to http://localhost:3000 with your browser.

NOTE: I mainly put this here as people were not finding the README. Hopefully by the magic of Google this will be a little more helpful.