Welcome to Tony's Notebook

Joining Ably

I don't often do "personal" updates on this site, preferring to focus on bringing you content that provides some utility, so I'll keep this one short...

After nearly three years at Nexmo I am moving on to Ably, where I will be working on developer documentation. I am really excited about the move for a number of reasons, mainly the great people there and the fantastic technology, as well as the opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone (yet again!).

Working at Nexmo has been epic, especially in the first couple of years there where we took the newly developed developer portal and improved it, and built an enormous amount of new content into the bargain. I am leaving with many fond memories of DevRel weeks in exotic locations (NYC, Athens, Amsterdam, Miami), difficult challenges overcome, very early morning journeys up to the London office, great learning experiences, vast quantities of coffee consumed, and of course vast quantities of PRs created and reviewed!

I would like to thank all my former colleagues for making my time at Nexmo such a great experience. All the best to you!

And so, on to new challenges...