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How to take out a contract on John Wick

The better half was wondering why she'd received a message from the Continental Hotel letting her know there was an open contract out on John Wick worth $7 million. She waved her phone at me - do you know anything about this?

Let me explain...

We watched John Wick: Chapter 2 last night and really enjoyed it. There's one scene where they put out an open contract for $7 million on John Wick and various contract killers receive an SMS with details of the contract. I thought (being someone who needs to get out more) oh you could do that easily in Python with Nexmo. So this morning I had something up and running in less than five minutes.

So you have a list of contract killer phone numbers and that could come from a YAML file, a database, or in my example code a static array, as I don't know too many contract killers.

The core code is essentially a loop that uses the Nexmo Python Client library to send the SMS. Just to spice things up a little I put in a couple of Unicode skulls as Nexmo easily supports Unicode SMS.

Here's the code:

import nexmo

NEXMO_API_KEY = "your key"
NEXMO_API_SECRET = "your secret"

message = "☠ Open contract on John Wick for $7 million ☠"
contract_killers = [ "447700000001", "447900000002", "447500000003"]

client = nexmo.Client(key=NEXMO_API_KEY, secret=NEXMO_API_SECRET)

for killer in contract_killers:
    print ("Sending message to %s..... " % killer)
        'from': 'Continental',
        'to': killer,
        'text': message, 
        'type': 'unicode',

And here's a bad photo of the phone:

John Wick contract

John Wick had better look out!


NOTE: Just so you're clear, the author and Nexmo do not condone the use of contract killers! ;)