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FlySpy architectural overview


In this article I present an architectural overview of FlySpy, and also demonstrate the Facebook side of the project.

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An introduction to FlySpy


In this article I do a video intro to this exciting project.

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First experiences with TinyDB


In this article I take a quick look at the magical TinyDB, a nifty little NoSQL/JSON/document-oriented database for Python.

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Base64 encoding


In this article I take a quick look at Base64 encoding in Python.

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Verifying signed webhooks


In this article I take a look at verifying Nexmo signed webhooks. The ideas might be useful in your own projects and for dealing with other APIs.

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URL Encoding


In this article I take a look at what URL encoding is, and also look at a related practical problem I had to overcome.

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Freelancing: How much should you charge?


In this article I take a look at how much you should charge for freelance IT work.

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The death of the Internet café


A look back at the rise and fall of the Internet café, or Cyber café as it was sometimes known.

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Write your own JWT generator in Python


Shows you how to write your own command-line JWT generator in Python.

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Exploring HTTP


A brief exploration of HTTP and the tool HTTPie.

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